Braciola di Cinta Senese DOP

Cinta Senese PDO pork chop

VAT included

Net weight: 180 grams. Vacuum in box.






"Cinta Senese DOP" pork, salt, rosemary, sucrose.


Ascorbic acid.

Main features:

as "Cinta Senese" we intend a wild pig breed characterized by a very dark skin and bristles of body and head (almost black) exept for a pink strip, precisely a belt (cinta) in the front which also affects the paws.

By the production of fresh local pork sausage, Cinta Senese sausage and rolled pork belly ready to be baked, we created a line of premium quality products ready for cooking, fast and easy to use.

The attention in selecting raw material and the careful preparation and seasoning give our products a well distributed and unique flavor.

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